Raffaella De Angeli Jewelry, the new line of women's accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, created by a woman for the woman who loves beauty and uniqueness.

These jewels are born from my passion for manual creativity. Studies in Arts and a degree in Architecture were crucial to my development, but only when the heart and hands become accomplices I feel fully realized. From this conscious complicity is born RAFFAELLA DE ANGELS JEWELRY, the line of women's accessories created exclusively by me. Originality, research of shapes and uniqueness are the soul of my brand. I realize directly and exclusively by hand my jewelry with high quality materials: hard stones, pure crystals from Czech Republic, Murano glass and Japanese beads. I have dedicated a special collection to the ceremony of marriage and I called it BRIDE: you will find proposals for the best day for the woman. Personalization and restyling are another feature of my work. I create jewelry to order and tailored, shelter and rework jewelry you already own. I have given women's names to collections, because they are created by a woman, dedicated to women who love beauty and uniqueness.