Raffaella De Angeli Jewelry, the new line of women's accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, created by a woman for the woman who loves beauty and uniqueness.

These handmade jewels are born from my passion for creativity. Only when heart and hands become accomplices do I feel fully fulfilled.

From this conscious complicity, RAFFAELLA DE ANGELI JEWELERY was born, the line of women's accessories created exclusively by me.

Originality, research into shapes and uniqueness constitute the soul of my brand. I make my jewels directly and exclusively by hand, with top quality materials: semi-precious stones, pure crystals and hand-painted majolica from the Ancient Fuseruole of Deruta.

Customization is another characteristic of my work. I make jewelry to order and bespoke.

RAFFAELLA DE ANGELI JEWELERY: Italian jewels, handmade, beautiful!